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Lamp Philips LivingColors Iris Clear 7099960PH - European Warranty 24 months.

Lamp Philips LivingColors Iris Clear 7099960PH - European Warranty 24 months.

134,83 € Discount 39.2%

81,90 VAT incl.

DISCOUNTED PRICE without shipment,
valid if it withdrew in Rome.
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freigh cost below.

Freight costs:
From 8,32 €Details
Item code: 43IPT6YM2
Installments: Prodotto non rateizzabile per importo sotto i 250 euro.
Brand: philips
EAN: 8718291439820
Cod. Produttore: 70999/60/PH
Nota: The technical data are provided by the manufacturers. accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies and / or omissions that were found.
Availability: Available (4 PZ)
Weight: 8,000 Kg

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Card additional description:
Lamp Philips LivingColors Iris Clear7099960PH

Overview Features Technical Lamp Philips LivingColors LED Table Lamp Iris Transparent Colour your world with light • Exclusive design timeless complete the interior of your home. • Choose the remote control one of the 16 million colors and admire the mood light. PRODUCT INFORMATION
Choose from 16,000,000 coloriscegli between 16 million colors

Choose your favorite color with the lamp LED LivingColors. 16,000,000 different combinations available for the perfect mood light.

Modes of automatic change of color

Turn the color ring 360 ° and press "" I ""; relax and let the colors of the LED lamp automatically change.

Brightness adjustable

Adjust the brightness of the LED lamp Philips LivingColors to your liking using the remote control.

Intensity of color adjustable

Add more white to color using the remote control to get the perfect pastel shades.

Intensity light of 210 lumens

LivingColors Iris has the most powerful light intensity of the entire range LivingColors (210 lumens). Just place LivingColors Iris wherever you like and direct it towards a colored wall, so as to achieve the best effect.

Easy to use remote

By turning the color ring on the remote control lamp LED Philips LivingColors, you can easily choose any color you want for the perfect mood lighting.

2 buttons to store favorite colors

Store your 2 favorite colors; you can easily select the preset buttons. To store the color, just select it and hold one of the two dedicated buttons.

Beautiful diffused light effect

Thanks diffused light effect, you will have in your room so many different natural colors with LivingColors LED lamp from Philips.

SHEET ITEM and finishing Materialemateriale synthetic Coloretrasparente Dimensions and weight Altezza20 Lunghezza18,5 cm cm cm Weight Larghezza18,8 netto0,874 Kg Dimensions and weight of the package Altezza22,5 Lunghezza21,8 cm cm cm Larghezza21,8 Peso1,198 kg Miscellaneous Specially designed perSalotto room and lettoCameretta children StileEspressivo TipoLampada table Extra feature / accessory included Dimmable with telecomandoSÌ Perfect for creating atmosferaSÌ Colour changing (LED) YES Light Effect spread Remote inclusoSÌ Compatible with SmartlinkSÌ Specifications Voltage 100 V to 240 reteDa V50-60 Hz Technology lampadinaLED18 V Number of lampadine1 Watt bulb inclusa10 W Maximum duration of lampadina20.000 hours Beam angle luminoso120 ° luminaire intensity regolabileNo LEDSì Code IPIP20protezione against objects bigger than 12.5 mmnessuna protection against water Class protezioneII - double insulation system type batteriaBatteria AAA with notches, pencil
* - The photographs present in the tabs of the products are not part of the contract and may in no circumstances be considered as responsibility 'of the seller. Data sheets and product descriptions are provided by partners and / or suppliers and are subject to change without notice. Vendor assumes no responsibility 'about the contents of the same.

Photographs and information provided is for information, if any feature is important to you, it is always advisable to check the actual presence on the manufacturer's website or chiedendocene confirmation before order.


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