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Weather Station Radio Controlled Spring TFA 35.1129.01 - European Warranty 24 months.

Weather Station Radio Controlled Spring TFA 35.1129.01 - European Warranty 24 months.

95,56 € Discount 41.7%

55,70 VAT incl.

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valid if it withdrew in Rome.
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From 8,00 €Details
Item code: 43IPT55ZM
Installments: Prodotto non rateizzabile per importo sotto i 250 euro.
Brand: "TFA Dostmann"
EAN: 4009816026019
Cod. Produttore: 35.1129.01
Nota: The technical data are provided by the manufacturers. accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies and / or omissions that were found.
Tempi disponibilità: in Italy delivery of this product within the 2/4 working days from the order. In FR / UK / SP / PT / BE: 4/8 working days.
Availability: Available (1 PZ)
Weight: 3,000 Kg

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Card additional description:
Wireless Weather Station TFA-Dostmann Spring

Overview Features Technical Wireless Weather Station TFA-Dostmann • Spring weather trend indicator • Alarm high and low temperature • Clock with date, time and alarm • backlit color screen with two intensity brightness • Measuring internal temperature: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C • Measurement outside temperature: -40 ° C to + 60 ° C • Operating humidity 19-97% RH • Can be positioned hanging or standing (with folding stand) • Dimensions: 210 x 26 (60) x 140 mm • Weight: 348g • incl. transmitter and power adapter • Required batteries: 2 x 1.5 V AA, 3 x 1.5V AAA PRODUCT
35.1129.01 Spring

Weather station with color display, backlit with nice weather icons and animations as spring meadows.

many functions

Detects temperature and humidity inside and outside with sensors measuring interior. Indicates the date and time with alarm functions with audible.

Local weather forecast

An electronic barometer integrated measure the air pressure on the spot

After the first 24-48 hours when they were collected sufficient data allows observation of changes in air pressure.

If the air pressure is increasing there is an improvement in the weather, if the pressure is decreasing the weather worsens.

Animated weather icons and tendency of atmospheric pressure

Temperature and external moisture measured by the transmitter in a radius of 60 m

Monitoring of the temperature and humidity inside.

SHEET ITEM TipologiaStazione weather wireless ProduttoreTFA-Dostmann Modello35.1129.01 Indicatoritendenza Spring weather - high and low temperature alarm Temperature measurement internada 0 ° C to + 50 ° C temperature measurement esternada -40 ° C to + 60 ° C Operating umidità19-97% RH SchermoColori backlit with two intensity brightness OrologioIndicazione date, time and alarm PosizionabileAppeso or standing (with folding stand) Dimensioni210 x 26 (60) x 140 mm Peso348g Batterie2 x 1.5V AA, 3 x 1.5V AAA
* - The photographs present in the tabs of the products are not part of the contract and may in no circumstances be considered as responsibility 'of the seller. Data sheets and product descriptions are provided by partners and / or suppliers and are subject to change without notice. Vendor assumes no responsibility 'about the contents of the same.

Photographs and information provided is for information, if any feature is important to you, it is always advisable to check the actual presence on the manufacturer's website or chiedendocene confirmation before order.


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