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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6K + 14-42mm Black MENU ENGLISH - European Warranty 24 months.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6K + 14-42mm Black MENU ENGLISH - European Warranty 24 months.

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Nota: The technical data are provided by the manufacturers. accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies and / or omissions that were found.
Tempi disponibilità: in Italy delivery of this product within the 2/4 working days from the order. In FR / UK / SP / PT / BE: 4/8 working days.
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Card additional description:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6K Black Lens Lumix G Vario 14-42mmMENU ENGLISH
Overview Features Technical Elegant design for a subtle mirrorless Lumix G VARIO lens with 14-42 mm: high image quality, easy to share. PRODUCT INFORMATION
DMC-GF6 is equipped with 16 Megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine processor developed with an evolved system for the reduction of the noise of the images: the area of ??controllable disorder has been increased by 64 times, in order to remove large blocks of noise. The multi processor NR works on two separate layers that control with higher resolution images of the noise level. The resolution of the images has evolved thanks to the precise reproduction of detail and the Intelligent D-range Control, which ensures better gradation with a much wider dynamic range.
Lumix GF6 boasts quick start and autofocus Light Speed ??AF at high speed: These two features allow you to capture without blurring the fast-moving subjects. In addition, the AF Tracking enables sequential shots while keeping focus on a moving subject. Combined with Touch AF Full-area is able to focus, quickly and intuitively, anywhere in the frame. To achieve superior performance in low light situations, such as when shooting in the moonlight, the Low Light AF function is perfect for shooting quickly and with high precision.
With the functions of Wi-Fi® connectivity and NFC, with a touch can connect wherever the camera to a tablet or a smartphone, making it even easier to share images. In addition, you can use a mobile device as a remote control comes with the monitor. With the Instant Transfer immediately after one shot the camera automatically transfers the pictures to your tablet or smartphone. Both photos and videos can be automatically stored on a device for digital recording (like a PC) via wireless (router) at home.
DMC-GF6 records Full HD 1920 x 1080 MP4 and AVCHD, the latter made with high quality stereo sound. Thanks to the button dedicated to video recording you can immediately start shooting a movie without having to make additional settings. Also modes P / A / S / M allows you to shoot with the same expressive possibilities of a professional. The function for the Stop Motion Animation allows to obtain a video with the technique of stop motion animation by photographs in succession of an object moved by a few degrees with each shot.
Creative Control Mode, with 19 filters, also makes them unique common situations giving greater expressiveness to the shots. With the Creative Panorama you can shoot a panoramic image horizontally or vertically by applying a filter. Self Shot mode allows you to take a self stretching his arm and turning the monitor up to nearly 180 °. Clear Retouch function lets you erase unwanted objects or figures from an image, tracciandole with a finger on the camera monitor.
SHEET ARTICOLOTipoTipoFotocamera with objectives of intercambiabiliSupporti registrazioneSD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card (Compatible with standard UHS-I memory card SDHC / SDXC) size sensor immagine17,3 x 13 mm (in aspect ratio 4: 3) MontaturaAttacco Micro Four TerziSensore of immagineTipoSensore Live MOSPixel totali16,68 MegapixelPixel the actual fotocamera16 MegapixelFiltro coloreFiltro color primariSistema reduction polvereFiltro Supersonic WaveSistema of registrazioneFormato registration fileFoto: JPEG (DCF, Exif 2.3), RAW, aspetto4 Ratio: 3 , 3: 2, 16: 9, 1: 1Qualità dell'immagineRAW, RAW + Fine, RAW + Standard, Fine, StandardSpazio coloresRGB, Adobe RGBPeso file (Pixels) Still Picture [4: 3] 4,592 x 3,448 (L) / 3,232 x 2,424 (M) / 2,272 x 1,704 (S) / 1824 x 1368 (with 3D lens with Micro Four Thirds standard) Video (MP4 * 1: NTSC) [Full HD] 1920 × 1080, 30 fps (sensor output 30p) Video (MP4 * 1: PAL) [Full HD] 1920 × 1080, 25 fps (sensor output 25p) Motion Image (AVCHD * 1: NTSC) [Full HD] 1920 × .1080, 60i (sensor output 30p) Video (AVCHD * 1: PAL) [Full HD] 1920 × 1080, 50i (sensor output 25p) Maximum recording time without interruption (video) AVCHD: 140 min with H-FS1442ATempo available recording (video) AVCHD: about 70 min with H -FS1442AFunzione Wi-FiWiFiIEEE 802.11b / g / n, 2412 MHz - 2462 MHz (11 ch), Wi-Fi / WPA / WPA2 mode strutturaNFCISO / IEC 18092 (NFCIP-1) NFC-FFOCUSTipoSistema AF contrastoModalità setup fuocoAFS (Single) / AFF (Flexible) / AFC (Continuous) / MFModalità AFFace detection / AF Tracking / 23 areas of focus / 1 area of ??focus / PinpointRange detection AFEV 3-18 (ISO 100 equivalent) Light Support AFSìBlocco AFImpostare the Fn menu customization of block AFAltriQuick AF, Continuous AF (during video recording), AF + MF, Touch AF / AE, shutter Touch, Touch MF AssistControllo esposizioneSistema measuring luceSistema detection multisample to 1,728 zoneModalità measurement luceMultipla of Intelligent / Center-weighted / SpotCampo of misurazioneEV 0-18 (objective F 2, ISO 100 equivalent) Mode esposizioneProgrammi AE / Aperture Priority AE / time priority AE / ManualeSensibilità ISOAuto / Intelligent ISO / 160/200/400/800 / 1,600 / 3,200 / 6,400 / 12,800 / 25,600 (extended) Compensation esposizione1 / 3EV Step ± 3EVBlocco AEImpostare the Fn menu customization of block aeae bracket3, 5 frame, in 1/3 or 2/3 EV Step, ± 4 / 3 EVBilanciamento of biancoBilanciamento of biancoAuto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Incandescent / Flash / White Set 1, 2 / Temperature coloreRegolazione balance biancoPreferenza blue / amber, magenta preference / verdeRegolazione temperature colore2.500-10.000K in 100KSupporto for Balance White3 exposures in blue / amber or magenta / verdeOtturatoreTipoOtturatore plane focaleVelocità otturatoreFoto: 1/4000 ~ 60Autoscatto3 shots after 10 sec / 2 sec / 10 secGuida to how ScenaFotoRitratto / leather / soft Backlight / Backlight clear / Toni relaxing / Face Bimbi / Panorama / Blue Sky / Sunset romanticoVideoRitratto / leather / soft Backlight / Backlight clear / Toni relaxing / Face Kids / Panorama / Blue Sky / Sunset romanticoBurst: shots sequenzaVelocità burstSH: 20 frames / sec, H: 4.2 frames / sec (with AFS ), M: 3frame / sec (with Live View), L: 2.0 frames / sec (with Live View) Number of images registrabili7 images (RAW files with the particular speed) Flash incorporatoTipoFlash TTL integrated, GN 6.3 equivalent (ISO 160 m), GN5 equivalent (ISO 100. m) to pop upFlash built (mode) Auto, Red-eye Auto Reduction, Forced On, Forced On, Red-eye reduction, / Slow Sync., Slow Sync. / Red-eye Reduction, Forced spentoVelocità of sincronizzazioneMeno of 1/160 of secondoSincronizzazione flash1. Synchronization tendinaMonitor LCDTipoSchermo TFT LCD touch screen monitor ruotabileDimensione Monitor3 "" / Aspect Ratio 3: 2 / Wide angle visivoPixel1.040KCampo visivoCirca 100% MonitorLuminosità adjustment, contrast and saturation, Rossi, BluLive viewZoom digitale2x, 4xConversione Tele ExtraFoto: Max 2x ( aspect ratio set to 4: 3. Not actual recordings of size S (4M). The degree of magnification depends on the pixels and the aspect ratio) Other funzioniGuide Lines (3 patterns) indicator of livelloIndicatore livelloNoFunzione detection direzioneSelf ShotSìFunzione detection direzioneSìTasto Fn (function) Fn1, Fn2, FN3, Fn4Wi-Fi / standby / AF / AE Lock / One Push AE / Preview / Style photo / Aspect Ratio / Size imm. / Quality / FuocoComandi CreativiFotoEspressivo / Retro / Old Times / High Tone / Low Tone / Sepia / Monochrome dynamic / Exciting / Art / Dynamic high / Toy Effect / Cross Processing / Toy PopVideoEspressivo / Retro / Old Times / High Tone / Low Tone / Sepia / Dynamic Monochrome / Exciting / Art / Dynamic high / Toy Effect / Cross Processing / Toy PopModalità video creativiModalità esposizioneProgrammi AE / Aperture Priority / Priority Time / ManualePHOTO STYLEFoto and Video Standard / Vivid / Natural / Monochrome / Landscape / Portrait / CustomRiproduzioneModi in riproduzioneRiproduzione normal / Vis. 30 icons / Vis.12 icons / Vis. calendar / Playback zoom (Max. 16x) / Slideshow (duration and effect selectable) Protection / CancellazioneProtezioneSingolo / Multi, CancelCancellaSingolo / Multi / All / Excluded preferitoStampaStampa direttaCompatibile PictBridgeTerminaliUSBUSB 2.0 High Speed ??MultiHDMIminiHDMI TypeCUscita videoTipo Mono audio, NTSC / PAL, NTSC only for North AmericaMicrofonoStereo, Wind-cut Off / AutoSpeakerMonauraleLinguaLingue OSDIngleseAlimentazioneBatteriaLi-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1205mAh) (Included) Battery life (CIPA standard) * 2Circa 330 shots with H-PS14042Dimensioni / PesoDimensioni (W x H x D) 111.2 x 64.8 x 38.4 mm (excluding protrusions) PesoCirca 323 g (SD card, battery, camera body) Conditions operativeTemperatura operativada 0? 40? 10% RH Humidity operativada 80% RHAccessori standardSoftwarePHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.2 AEAccessori standardBatteria, battery charger, USB cable, strap, CD-G VARIO ROMObiettivo interchangeable 1Marca ObiettivoLUMIX 14-42mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH II. / MEGA OISCostruzione lenti9 elements in 8 groups (2 aspherical lenses) Nano Surface Coating-MontaturaAttacco Micro Four TerziStabilizzatore optical immagineSì (MEGA OIS) Length focalef = 14-42mm (equivalent to 28-84 mm of a 35mm camera) Type of aperturaDiaframma to 7 blades / Circular aperture of diaframmaApertura massimaF3.5 (Wide) - F5.6 (TELE) Opening minimaF22Distanza focus minima0,2 m (14-20mm), 0.3 m (21-42mm) Magnification massimoCirca 0,17x / 0,34x (equivalent to 35 mm) Angular field diagonale75 ° (Wide) to 29 ° (TELE) GeneraleDimensione filtro46 mmDiametro massimof56 mmLunghezza totaleCirca 49 mm (from the lens to the base of the attack ' goal) Weight [g] Approximately 110 g (excluding lens cap, rear lens cap and lens hood) PesoCirca 3,88oz (excluding lens cap, rear lens cap and lens hood) NOTE * Using an SD Speed ??Class "," Class 4 "" or higher
* - The photographs present in the tabs of the products are not part of the contract and may in no circumstances be considered as responsibility 'of the seller. Data sheets and product descriptions are provided by partners and / or suppliers and are subject to change without notice. Vendor assumes no responsibility 'about the contents of the same.
Photographs and information provided is for information, if any feature is important to you, it is always advisable to check the actual presence on the manufacturer's website or chiedendocene confirmation before order.


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