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Canon lente 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM Europa - Garantía Europea de 24 meses.

Canon lente 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM Europa - Garantía Europea de 24 meses.

2.389,91 € Discount 18.6%

1.943,00 VAT incl.

DISCOUNTED PRICE without shipment,
valid if it withdrew in Rome.
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freigh cost below.

Freight costs:
From 31,02 €Details
Item code: 43IPT6N9
10 rate da 194 al mese + una da 97.
Imp. di bollo: 16,00 € - Importo totale dovuto euro: 2053
Brand: CANON
EAN: 4960999575070
Cod. Produttore: 2751B005
Nota: The technical data are provided by the manufacturers. accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies and / or omissions that were found.
Tempi disponibilità: in Italy delivery of this product within the 2/4 working days from the order. In FR / UK / SP / PT / BE: 4/8 working days.
Availability: Available (4 PZ)
Weight: 3,000 Kg

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Additional description sheet :

Canon Lens 70 -200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM EUROPE





The EF 70 -200mm f / 2.8 L IS II USM telephoto zoom lens is the most popular among professional photographers . Fluorite to improve image quality, this telephoto lens has a durable design and an image stabilizer with 4-stop compensation


L-series telephoto zoom lens , high performance Aperture f / 2.8 for optimal performance in low light conditions a 4-stop Image Stabilizer Fluorite and UD elements Lasts up focusing distance of 1.2m Waterproof and Opening powder 8 blade with ring-type USM Autofocus telephoto lens ideal for sports photography , wildlife or portraits
L series Quality As the most popular lens among professional photographers , the EF 70-200 mm f / 2.8 L IS II USM matches Canon's highest standards of L-series with respect to optical systems, the structural quality , the ' reliability and functionality. The sturdy structure is equipped with dust and moisture resistant seals to protect against the harshest weather conditions . Grand opening Due to the high aperture f / 2.8 you can take pictures in low light conditions . This large aperture also provides a shallow depth of field making the subject stand out against a background rich in detail . Image Stabilizer The image stabilizer Canon's 4-stop compensation , making the lens ideal for low light conditions when you can not use a tripod. The image stabilizer allows you to get a shutter speed of up to 4 stops slower than normal without causing image blur . Element UD (ultra low dispersion , low dispersion ) and fluorite for the highest image quality thanks to high-performance fluorite element in Canon , chromatic aberration is minimized. Fluorite , 5 UD elements are used which ensure excellent image quality , high contrast and natural color reproduction throughout the zoom range. Beautiful background blur with 8 blade circular opening thanks Thanks to the opening round with 8 blades , you can get a bokeh background of high quality, isolating subjects at large apertures and exceptional performance of fuzzy . A fast, quiet autofocus USM (Ultrasonic Motor) ring and a new AF algorithm to auto focus with ultra quiet operation fast . You can switch to manual focus continuum mechanics without having to switch out of AF . The minimum focusing distance has been reduced to 1.2m allowing photographers to get closer to the action .



Angle of view ( Horizontal , Vertical , diag) 29 ° - 10 ° , 19 ° 30 ' - 7 ° , 34 ° - 12 ° Lens Construction ( elements / groups) 23/19 No. of diaphragm blades 8 Minimum Aperture 32 Minimum distance of focus ( m) 1.2 maximum magnification (x ) 0.21 (at 200mm ) distance information Provided image stabilizer 4- stops AF ring USM ¹ dust Resistance / humidity Yes filter Diameter (mm) 77 mm length to diameter (mm) 88.8 x 199 Weight (g) 1490 g "
The photographs and information provided are indicative, if some feature is essential for you , it is always advisable to verify the effective presence on the manufacturer's website or chiedendocene confirmation before ordering.


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