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ObiettivoTamron 28-300mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Ultrazoom for Nikon - International Warranty 24 months.

ObiettivoTamron 28-300mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Ultrazoom for Nikon - International Warranty 24 months.

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Brand: tamron
EAN: 4960371005720
Cod. Produttore: A010N
Nota: The technical data are provided by the manufacturers. accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies and / or omissions that were found.
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Weight: 3,000 Kg

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Card additional description:
ObiettivoTamron 28-300mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Ultrazoom for Nikon

Overview Features Technical Evolution brillanteL'evoluzione zoom lenses All-In-One ™ Tamron continues with the announcement of a new lens for DSLR exceptional full-frameFin by the launch of its first powerful zoom, versatile, high-performance, 28 -200mm (Model 71D) in 1992, Tamron has continued to expand its range of long-range goals. In response to the growing popularity of digital SLR cameras full-frame, Tamron is now launching a new and powerful zoom full format that incorporates technology PZD (Piezo Drive), an ultrasonic motor in waves optimized for auto focus fast and quiet, over the appreciated stabilization mechanism VC (Vibration Compensation) and an appearance and a finish elegant and sophisticated. This lens 28-300mm All-In-One ™ offers superb image quality in a configuration remarkably compact and lightweight, and is the result of a program of extensive technological development deployed by Tamron over the anni.Tecnologia advanced optical for image quality superioreLo advanced optical design of this lens includes four glass elements LD (Low Dispersion), three aspherical lens shaped, a hybrid aspherical element, a glass element XR (Extra Refractive Index) and a further element glass UXR (Ultra-Extra Refractive Index), with a refractive index higher than XR. The exclusive use of lenses so specific helps make this extraordinary goal as much as possible light and compact, minimizes chromatic aberrations and returns a higher quality image. PRODUCT INFORMATION
Features and functions


The ultrasonic motor PZD allows auto focus significantly more quick and quiet, ideal for capturing spontaneous moments in razor-sharp images. It also gives the possibility to intervene manually at any time, in focus.

Image stabilization VC (Vibration Compensation)

The reliable image stabilizer VC (Vibration Compensation) Tamron integrated in this lens delivers sharp and steady. The goal is revealed then also perfect for shooting handheld or in low light conditions.

Protection against splashing water

The elaborate structure of the lens is protected against splashing water. By virtue of this, the lens also meets the needs of outdoor photography.

VC (Vibration Compensation)

The image stabilizer VC delivers sharp and steady as a still image in the viewfinder.

LD (Low Dispersion)

Lens for higher image definition and for the correction of chromatic aberrations.

Device Zoom Lock (ZL)

Prevents unwanted barrel extension lens.

XR (Extra Refractive Index)

Special glass with a refractive index particularly high for a better performance and a more compact structure of the lens.

PZD (Piezo Drive)

The Piezo Drive allows fine-kelp considerably fast and almost silent.

System Internal Focusing (IF)

The length of the lens does not change during the focus and the limit for shots at close range is greatly shortened for the entire field of focus.

SHEET ITEM Specifications Focal length [mm] Opening massimaF 28-300 / 3.5-6.3 Minimum distance to the object [m] 12:49 Massimo1 Magnification Ratio: 3.5 Dimensions filter [mm] 67 Weight [g] 540 No. articoloA010 Elements gruppo15-19 corner prospettiva75Â ° 23A-8 ° 15â € ~ € ~ slats diaframma7 Opening minimaF / 22-40 Diameter x length [mm] 75 x 99.5 Colors disponibiliNero
* - The photographs present in the tabs of the products are not part of the contract and may in no circumstances be considered as responsibility 'of the seller. Data sheets and product descriptions are provided by partners and / or suppliers and are subject to change without notice. Vendor assumes no responsibility 'about the contents of the same.

Photographs and information provided is for information, if any feature is important to you, it is always advisable to check the actual presence on the manufacturer's website or chiedendocene confirmation before order.


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